Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside Supplement – Works To Age Younger Like a Child?
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Posted by John on January 16, 2015 | Short Link

In this highly competitive world, staying fit and active is very important to enjoy life to the fullest. In order to keep our body properly working, maintaining the best health is not only important but essential.

Food works as the primary energy source of our body and the energy generated from food through respiration is use for driving life activities starting at the cellular level. However, the hybrid food and vegetables of the present days often lack the elements that are vital for optimal health.

Apart from that, the increased amount of environmental pollution and stress also adds to the quick aging of the body. In this situation, health care professionals consider resorting to an anti-oxidant supplement to be a wise choice. Anti-oxidant supplements of the best quality are capable to reverse age related issues of the cells, invigorating them for better performance.

Niagen The NAD+ booster

Niagen, a Nicotinamide Riboside based supplement is the latest anti-oxidant in the market. Clinical researches have shown that the NR molecule is particularly active to stop cell aging by the way of boosting NAD+ production within the cells. Nicotinamide Riboside is considered to be a natural NAD+ booster, and it also supplies niacin or Vitamin B3 to the body. NAD+ stands for the active Nicotinamide Adenine Di-nucleotide molecule, which is an important metabolite of the cell and helps in maintaining optimal health in mitochondria’s, leading to enhanced energy production and repairing of the body. NR is considered as the most effective NAD+ precursor, and though it is found in some foods in small amount. Taking a NR supplement regularly can work as the most effective source for production of NAD+ molecules within cells in higher amount.

Niagen Research And Patent

In clinical research, NR was found to be actively reducing age in mice. Dr. David Sinclair, who actually conducted the research in Harvard Medical School, found that, NR was capable to activate the process of synthesis of NAD+ in the cells, and as a result, the cells of 2 years old mice started to work as vigorously as they worked as 6 months old cells.

Nicotinamide Riboside does not actually reduce the age of cells, but it made the cells work like younger cells producing more energy, which resulted into quicker repairing process and elevated health. An America based pharmaceutical company ChromaDex, has patented the bulk manufacturing process of Nicotinamide Riboside; and they have added the trade name Niagen to the raw NR produced and supplied by them. ChromaDex produces the molecule in its purest form filled in the capsules; and this Niagen is devoid of any kind of filler or preservative.

Effects of more NAD+ in human

According to researches Niagen can be effectively used as a nutritional supplement for better metabolic activities and treating age related disorders caused by slumping functions of the cell mitochondria. This molecule has really something to do on how human body changes with age. According to studies, a higher level of cellular NAD+ is capable to offer more benefits, including better cardiovascular health, proper blood glucose levels and enhanced cognitive actions.

Simple Laws to Follow For Saving When Traveling
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We get it. You work extremely long hours, kids are on the loose and you need an outlet to refresh.

What better way to take your children and family on a get-away vacation to some remote, exotic tropical paradise of your choice – but money and labor are in your way…

That's why we want to come up with a few key laws to follow that will help you save in order to satisfy your urge (and probably need) to travel more often.

On the flip side of making money is knowing how to save it, this can be a powerful way to work smarter when it comes to business and having a strong cash flow.

If you own a business that involves traveling and visiting multiple cities, knowing the best ways to save can make a huge positive difference in your expenses.

Traveling can be expensive. However, there are ways through which you can actually cut down on the cost of airfare. The best, according to recent releases on mainstream media, is by using a travel agent.

How to Save Money

A good thing to know is, most agents in the travel industry do not charge their customers for the services they provide. Their payments come from wholesalers and hotels. This means that you can simply tap into their free services to get lucrative and affordable deals.

Similarly, using an agent should not be more expensive than doing the booking on your own. Of course, it may seem like booking your flight in a couple of second sounds easier than actually calling around. However, it pays to know when an agent can help you out.

It is also important to explore major search engines and use the google sniper 3 method which will help you find and locate the best deals in town. Just do not tell your child that you are saving all of this money by being smart and bargaining ahead of time otherwise you will have to spend it on them (haha).

Therefore, you should use an agent if:

a) You are traveling with a big group

Group bookings usually involve coordinating many people. In such a case, it might be easier and cheaper to use an agent. Also if you are not the only one in your organization who needs to travel it may be a good idea to ask the agent for corporate discounts in order to save on airfare for employees.

b) You are Not Sure about Your Destination

If on the other hand you are planning to do a personal trip, is also a good idea to use a travel agent if you wish to book a good getaway but the destination is a question mark. In this case an experienced agent will be in a better position to steer you in the right direction.

Additionally, when you work with the same agents over a long time, they will become familiar with your tastes and needs. This makes it much easier for you to choose the right spot for you.

c) You Are Going Abroad

If you plan to go beyond your country’s borders and you have never been there before, consider working with an agent. In this case, you will be able to ask them all the questions you have. They can also gather all the information you need to ensure a have a safe and trouble- free trip.

However, there are some things you can do on your own. Instances where you don’t really to get in touch with an agent include:

a) You Are Only Booking a Flight

It is usually easier to check different discount flight websites on your own. If you only need to book a flight to a specific location, then you really don’t have to use the services of an agent. There are also websites cash back services that utilize the earn while you spend concept and is exactly why Dubli Network offers monthly memberships in order to connect you with the cheapest flights, hotels, and local venues available.

b) You Wish to Use Your Miles

Agents cannot use your reward card miles or points to book a hotel or flight for you. In such a situation, you need to do the booking on your own, especially if you wish to use the miles.

c) You Already Have a Fantastic Deal

If you have already found a good deal on a website, then just go ahead and book it. Keep in mind that most of these deals are offered during the off- peak season.

More Travel Tips to Save Money

Agents can also furnish you with different tips to help you save money. These tips include:

a) Stick to the Set Schedule Always fly at the specified/ set time. Most flights tend to be expensive on Sundays, Fridays and Thursdays. You can save a lot of money by flying off-peak.

b) Factor in the Transfer Finally, in case you will have a transfer in between flights, set up the transportation prior to arriving at the destination. You can use a van or shuttle service to avoid the expensive charges imposed by taxis on visitors. If you work with an agent, they will book your transportation from and to the airport during transfers.

Make sure if your child needs a consent form ahead of time that you deal with that prior to taking off on your much-needed vacation! Cheers and safe travels!

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